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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! Since you all are so very, very sweet, I thought I’d share a fun (free!) printable with you to help celebrate. Thanks for all of your support – I love you all more than chocolate donuts with sprinkles! And that’s a whole lotta love. Download your free printable right […]

  • Simple Pleasures
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Last month I wrote a bit about how my own high expectations can sometimes get in the way of my willingness to step outside of my comfort zone. Since blogging is something that sits firmly on the outer edge of said zone, I’m often pushing my next blog post aside for something that feels a […]

  • Travel & Adventure
  • Father’s Day Weekend

    colorful wall in Perry, NY

    Father’s Day weekend means one thing for my family: a camping trip! We’re creatures of habit, and love visiting Letchworth State Park every year in our little pop-up camper. It’s always a wonderful couple of days, spent soaking up nature and the many charms of small-town America in the nearby towns of Mt. Morris and […]