• Home Decor
  • Living Room Update: Bring on the Brass!

      We’ve lived in our fare share of rented apartments over the years, and each time we’ve moved into a new space, it’s taken us quite a while to start putting things on the walls. We’re pretty fast with decorating in general – furniture finds its rightful place within the first couple of weeks, nick-knacks […]

  • Simple Pleasures
  • An Ode To Peonies

      When we moved into our house in August of 2015, we spotted a peony bush nestled up against the house in our backyard. It was in pretty rough shape and had a terrible case of powdery mildew, but I was determined to at least keep it alive until the following summer, when I envisioned […]

  • Travel & Adventure
  • The Buffalo Botanical Gardens

      As you may have guessed from the numerous houseplants that show up as props in my product photos, I kinda have a thing for plants. Which is why I was over-the-moon excited to visit one of my very favorite Buffalo attractions yesterday for my birthday – the Buffalo Botanical Gardens! In case you could […]